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Chris Jericho almost lost to Fandango last night for the first time because WrestleMania 29 never happened

If you don't want to read weekly posts about what a great thing it is that arrogant asshat Chris Jericho is back in our WWE lives, you should probably avoid cSs on Tuesday mornings, or follow the advice of another of my favorite sports entertainment heels and "deal with it".

Because regardless of what you were saying about him a month ago, or whether you subscribe to my theory that "cool dad" babyface Jericho was a work designed to maximize heat for his turn, you'll shut up and like this. Not only is Y2J making the most of his minutes this WrestleMania season to ensure his ongoing program with AJ Styles is awesome, but he's also re-framimg all the comebacks he's made over the last several years which lead to 'smart' fans souring on the Man of 1,004 holds.

A frequent complaint about Jericho this decade is that, while he puts over younger guys, wins over him don't matter, because everyone beats him. Prime example is losing to Fandango back at Mania 29 as a favor to Vince McMahon, who saw big things in the ballroom dancer gimmick.

Well, according to 2016 Jericho, that never happened. So there, marks.

Seriously, it's a genius bit of both delusional villainy and 'Reality' Era kayfabe. It sucks for Fandango, but at least he's kind of in an angle now, which is better than he could say last week at this time (and let's be honest - Johnny Curtis needs a new character and possibly a change of scenery at this point).

The other thing this video does is feature the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah denying Styles' challenge for a match at this year's Mania. That's more of a classic heel trick, and we'll probably get that bout added to the Apr. 3 card later this week.

Not that AJ, or we idiot fans, deserve it.

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