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Video shows fan grabbing, hitting Braun Strowman at Raw in Philadelphia

For however long it lasts, above you can see the incident which occurred after the Mar. 21 Raw went off the air when a fan punched Braun Strowman during the dark match.

At approximately 1:20 of the clip, Strowman goes to the floor after a spot, and a person in the front row stands up, puts his arm around the Wyatt Family member's neck looking like he might take a selfie, before delivering a punch that looks like it might be an uppercut.

Strowman immediately backs away and points to the fan, bringing over three security officials. The offender leaves on his own, escorted by the guards.

Hopefully, this idiot is treated to the full extent of the law as promised by WWE officials after a similar incident involving Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns at Night of Champions last September.

And thank goodness Strowman is alright. You have to wonder how long wrestling fans are going to have that kind of access to performers as these kind of incidents become more common.

UPDATE: As many of you have noticed, you can also see Luke Harper roll out of the ring holding his knee at the beginning of the video, and Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and others come by to check on him as he's tended to by officials.

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