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WWE's list of the 50 coolest nicknames in wrestling history

Here's an interesting diversion, brought to us from in photo gallery form, transformed into a simple list by yours truly on a relatively slow news day.

The sobriquets are not ranked, and no merit seems to be indicated by their order in the slideshow. So don't get too worked up by the sorting of the list (presented here as they come up if you click through on the website), but do let us know which of your favorites may have been snubbed, or which monikers you think are undeserving that did make the cut.

That's the fun of lists after all!'s 50 coolest nicknames of all-time:

The Beast from the East - Bam Bam Bigelow
The Glamazon - Beth Phoenix
The Rated R-Superstar - Edge
The  Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah  - Chris Jericho
The Man That Gravity Forgot - Neville
The Samoan Bulldozer - Umaga
The Animal - Batista
The World's Strongest Man - Mark Henry
The Brain - Bobby Heenan
The Bad Guy - Razor Ramon
The Mouth of the South - Jimmy Hart
The Man of 1,000 Holds - Dean Malenko
The Living Legend - Bruno Sammartino
The Viper - Randy Orton
The Dirtiest Player in the Game - Ric Flair
The King of Kings - Triple H
The 8th Wonder of the World - Andre the Giant
The Heartbreak Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Champ - John Cena
Dr. Death - Steve Williams
The Deadman - Undertaker
The Excellence of Execution - Bret Hart
The Next Big Thing - Brock Lesnar
Big Cat - Ernie Ladd
The Boss - Sasha Banks
The Eater of Worlds - Bray Wyatt
The Devil's Favorite Demon - Kane
Big Poppa Pump - Scott Steiner
The Human Suplex Machine - Tazz
The Mastadon - Vader
The Charismatic Enigma - Jeff Hardy
The World's Most Dangerous Man - Ken Shamrock
The Billion-Dollar Princess - Stephanie McMahon
The Russian Nightmare - Nikita Koloff
The Masterpiece - Chris Masters
The Anvil - Jim Neidhart
The Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous - The Crusher
The First Lady of Wrestling - Miss Elizabeth
Mr. No Days Off - Darren Young
Macho Man - Randy Savage
Hot Rod - Roddy Piper
The American Dream - Dusty Rhodes
The Texas Rattlesnake - Steve Austin
Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy - Mick Foley
The Samoan Submission Machine - Samoa Joe
The People's Champion - The Rock
Captain Charisma - Christian
Latino Heat - Eddie Guerrero
The Japanese Buzzsaw - Tajiri
The Toast of the Coast - Gorgeous George

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