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Kevin Owens has a pretty good new shirt, which he sells with a great new Tweet

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WWE Shop

Merch king Kevin Owens (seriously, this dude gets a new shirt every couple of weeks - he'll be the John Cena of black and gray/silver apparel by SummerSlam at this rate) has another item of clothing on which you can spend your hard-earned money.

It makes official and promotes his "Prizefighter" nickname:

Not my favorite design bearing his name and logo, but there's nothing wrong with it. Get yours here.

The genius of WWE's champion of the Intercontinents, however, is not fashion. It's making us love him while he politely berates us, as he does in this Tweet announcing the new gear:

The champ hasn't responded to the numerous comedians who responded with their review of or inquiries about the product - he's probably just searching for embarrassing pictures in their feed and then blocking them.

Let us know what you think, or just copy and paste your purchase receipt, below, and we'll share it with KO. If he hasn't blocked us for this post, that is.

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