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Dolph Ziggler's WrestleMania 32 direction should become clear on Raw

Last week's episode of Monday Night Raw featured Dolph Ziggler running afoul of The Authority and seemingly losing his spot at WrestleMania 32 -- wherever that may have been -- when he was defeated clean in the middle of the ring by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. The stipulation going in was that a win would give Ziggler the right to insert himself into literally any match at WrestleMania outside of the main event.

On SmackDown, he went right back to beating The Miz.

Considering the card for the biggest event in WWE history at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is more or less filled out, it wouldn't be unfair to assume his loss to Triple H was a clear indicator the company has no real plans for him. His career is in a strange place, admittedly enough -- he's a mid-card player you can buy as an occasional main eventer who is often treated like a curtain jerker.

So what's next? is teasing a clearer direction come tomorrow night's Raw in Philadelphia:

If not for an errant Pedigree, The Showoff would have a blank check to The Show of Shows right now. Still, he came close. Damn close, in fact, so don't be surprised if the former World Heavyweight Champion attempts to instigate his way into another all-or-nothing bout on Raw.

They're also teasing the addition of official entrants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Perhaps the two are related?

Stay tuned.

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