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WWE really wants you to know Shane McMahon is training hard for WrestleMania 32

What you see above is an amazing video for a number of reasons. First, here's the copy within the video:

"How is Shane McMahon preparing for his WrestleMania match against The Undertaker? The Boy Wonder has enlisted the world's best trainers. He's getting into peak physical shape with former Mr. Olympia finalist Jim Quinn. He's practicing Muay Thai kickboxing with Phil Nurse...the same guy who trained MMA legend Georges St-Pierre. Those knee strikes look like they could break a man's ribs! Plus, he knocked the stuffing out of a pad with a Saenchi Kick. It's gotta be the sneakers, right? Shane has also been locking up with former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer. So don't be surprised if he brings some weapons into Hell in a Cell. Sure, The Deadman may not be following Shane on Twitter of liking his posts on Instagram but The Boy Wonder definitely seems ready to enter hell."

If that copy doesn't make you cringe, nothing will.

It seems clear at this point that Shane O'Mac and Undertaker are going to have an MMA fight, which makes the fact that it's a Hell in a Cell match all the more fitting. At some point, all will break down and foreign objects will be introduced, surely, but the build to this has been something like you would see in the lead up to a fight inside the Octagon over in the UFC.

Only the participants here are really old and rarely wrestle -- Shane, in particular, hasn't worked a match in several years.

But, hey, they're both training really hard! That makes you want to watch, right?

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