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Total Divas hits record low viewership

We've been documenting the low but sure decline in viewership for WWE's reality show for its female stars, Total Divas, all throughout season five. Its latest episode, the seventh of season five, represents rock bottom.

That's because it drew just 591,000 viewers, a new record low for the series.

Ep. 1: 1.15 million
Ep. 2: 939,000 
Ep. 3: 840,000
Ep. 4: 810,000
Ep. 5: 808,000
Ep. 6: 777,000
Ep. 7: 591,000

It's to a point now that they're inching closer to spending more money to produce an episode than said episode will garner in viewers (it's been reported it costs about $400K for each episode).

Barring an unforeseen turnaround, Total Divas days, sadly, may be numbered.

You better get this recap while you can.

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