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Sasha Banks, not Becky Lynch, deserves the Divas title match against Charlotte at WrestleMania 32

WWE released the above interview with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks ahead of their match on SmackDown this week and after watching all 4:28 of the video, it couldn't be any more obvious that Sasha should be the one challenging Charlotte for the Divas championship at WrestleMania 32.

Both are asked to make their case. While Lynch leans on empty platitudes such as proclaiming herself "pure straight fire", The Boss thoughtfully points out the obvious:

I've had to sit back, and I've had to watch every single Diva get an opportunity... but me. I have yet to face Charlotte one-on-one.

My friend and colleague Geno Mrosko wants to characterize this as whining, or dishonesty.

Banks is merely pointing out facts. Has she been in the spotlight since her call-up, as a supporting player in both Charlotte's pursuit of Nikki Bella's championship and the dissolution of Team P.C.B. before finally being the focus of a lengthy program for the Divas title?

To the contrary. Banks was almost immediately shuffled aside into a faction with two women who'd already been established in the fans' eyes as enhancement talent, forced to stay relevant by making backstage videos and lowering herself to twerking with the tag champs just to get on television.

Becky wants to call Sasha's post-match attack at Royal Rumble "cheap"? You could write that off as simply being unsympathetic to a former friend who hasn't received the opportunities you have, if it wasn't also so hypocritical of the Lasskicker:

Sasha states the truth in saying she deserves a title shot, seeing as how Lynch received two and lost both of them (complete with her own fair share of "whining" about interference from Ric Flair). And when she decently points out that her actions against Lynch aren't personal, she's accused of anti-social behavior?

I don't know about you, but I want athletes I root for to have confidence in themselves and a willingness to win.

Of course. It's always about me. I mean just look at me, Michael. I was born to be the best.  And guess what? I am the best. I'm better than Becky. I'm better than Charlotte. And I'm better than her little dad, too.

No excuses. Just what's required for an undersized woman who's had to fight for everything in pro wrestling. And what's required is fire.

Not labeling yourself as fire, while you try to make the case that you deserve a third shot at something you've failed to accomplish in the previous two attempts.

But having a dream, and believing in it, and fighting for it - even if that means doing a few things that more entitled folks might call "cheap". Pushing obstacles out of the way to fulfill your destiny, and not letting anyone take it from you once you've arrived.

That's the kind of fire I see in The Boss, and that's who I'm rooting for to take the Divas title from Charlotte at WrestleMania.

Go Sasha.

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