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WWE stock awards reveal three executives made more than Vince McMahon and Triple H in 2015

The paper covering WWE's corporate headquarters in Connecticut reported on the first of two stock awards handed out by Vince McMahon's company for 2015. The awards are rewards for taking on extra duties and an incentive to stay with WWE as they continue executing the Network-focused strategy for the future.

According to the Stamford Advocate, the awards push the three execs - Chief Financial & Strategy Officer George Barrios, Executive Producer Kevin Dunn and Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson - ahead of Vince McMahon on the list of highest paid in the company.

The name at  the head of the list will surely draw comments and ire from an internet wrestling community who blame him for a lot of the on-screen product's woes.

Dunn: $4.8 million
Barrios: $4.5
Wilson: $4.5
McMahon: $3.3

The article doesn't mention Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, but it does reveal what her husband, Executive Vice-President of Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul "Triple H" Levesque made. Trips comes in right behind his father-in-law at $3.1 million, of which 1.7 million is for his on-screen role.

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