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Becky Lynch, not Sasha Banks, deserves the Divas title match against Charlotte at WrestleMania 32

WWE released the above interview with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks ahead of their match on SmackDown this week and after watching all 4:28 of the video, it couldn't be any more obvious that Becky should be the one challenging Charlotte for the Divas championship at WrestleMania 32.

Both are asked to make their case. Sasha doesn't do much more than whine about the fact that she hasn't been given an opportunity yet. "I've had to sit back and watch every single Diva get an opportunity but me," she says. Not only is she unbearably obnoxious in her delivery, she's also lying.

She goes on to say it's "all about me" and generally disregarding everyone around her as insignificant, an especially ridiculous thing to say considering she wouldn't be where she is had the woman sitting right next to her, Becky, not saved her ass multiple times over the past couple weeks.

How does Becky respond to this? She actually puts Sasha over!

"You are dynamite, but dynamite is useless unless you've got fire to light it and that's what I am -- I am the fire of this division. I am pure straight fire from my heart to the outside."


When Cole brings up the match on Raw, Sasha, delusional as ever, claims she never loses and Becky was lucky. Let's consult the video:

If there's one thing that video tells me, it's that Sasha should definitely be challenging for the Divas title at WrestleMania. Right.

Sure, Becky has come up short a time or two, but she's always battled back and she's done it the right way. She hasn't sat around whining about opportunity, she's earned another one. If anyone deserves to complain it's Becky, considering she had incompetent referees allowing cheaters like Ric Flair to run amok interfering in her matches. She didn't, though, she just got back up with PURE STRAIGHT FIRE and got after it again.

Ask yourself this: Would you rather have a sociopath who whines about her place in line when she can't execute basic wrestling maneuvers without pinning herself in the process as your champion? Or would you rather have a PURE STRAIGHT FIRE hard worker who does things the right way?

Go Becky.

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