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Bret Hart gets good news regarding his cancer treatment

There's been some talk flying around about Bret Hart having "beaten" cancer that seems to have started with a Jim Ross interview with New York radio station WABC which TMZ picked up, in which JR said:

They removed the cancer by removing his prostate... His cancer is a non-issue now, thank god. All issues are resolved and addressed... so that's the good news about Bret Hart.

While that is indeed great news, it's also not exactly how cancer - and especially cancer of the prostate, which is where the Hitman's was found - works.

And the WWE Hall of Famer will be the first to tell you that, as he discussed on WrestleZone Radio's The Sharpshooter Show:

There's no real way of knowing. I have to get checked over the next few years. Prostate cancer is a very touchy kind of thing. It's a little bit like breast cancer.

It's one of those cancers that if you get it in time you can be a survivor rather than a victim of it. I was one of those guys that got checked kind of regularly. I was smart enough to jump on it when I got checked and my doctors were on top of it in the early stages of it.

I had my prostate removed two weeks ago. It's been a difficult recovery but in saying that I think it's safe to say, my doctors and I, that the cancer was contained within the prostate. Which has been removed. I should be cancer free hopefully for the rest of my life. It's just a matter of me slowly recovering and taking my time.

I know a lot of fans out there have said a lot of prayers and stuff for me. I appreciate that.

Right now it's in God's hands where I go from here. There's a lot of people where the cancer comes back. Once I deal with it a second time it won't be an easy fight if it comes back.

God willing, I think I've nipped it in the bud so to speak. I hope that I can have a full recovery. They say it could take anywhere from eight months to two years to recover from prostate cancer surgery.

I am optimistic. I am a strong willed kind of person. I put a lot of faith in my doctors. I truly believe that I'll get better and I'll be 100%.

Hart expounded on what Ross got wrong about his medical situation with a Facebook post on Thursday:

I was made aware of the comments Jim Ross made on a recent radio interview. I just want to clarify that, while the surgery went well and my doctors and I are optimistic, it is still way too early to declare that it's now a non-issue. I will be monitored every 3 months over the next couple of years as there is a possibility that the cancer can come back. It will be a while before I can say I'm cancer free.

The takeaways remain, as Hart said when he broke the news, to get checked often, as early discovery is key to successful treatment - stay vigilant and be honest with medical professional. Treatment has come a long way, but you have to show up at your doctor's office to make it happen.

So, be on the lookout and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same. And also...


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