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Rudo Radio, episode 35: The road to Roadblock begins

Talking the past week of WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground and a lot more. Plus, your complete guide to WrestleMania week.

There's a lot of stuff happening on the road to WrestleMania. And a lot of stuff NOT happening! Let's try to sort through it all ... together.

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On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome!
01:31 - boy RAW huh
03:10 - Undertaker, Shane and Vince. It's fine
07:34 - Becky and Sasha ... setting up a triple threat at Mania?
09:51 - Rusev puts Brie Bella in the Accolade
13:28 - What happens at the ROADBLOCK?
19:48 - If they split the brand, will there be a new belt?
22:47 - Too many tag teams for WrestleMania
24:13 - Ryback mistakes Brock Lesnar for a Jimmy John's location
27:09 - What's everyone doing at WrestleMania?
30:07 - NXT chat! (May contain spoilers?)
34:59 - Lucha Underground is now on iTunes!
40:56 - The rundown of EVERYTHING that will be happening WrestleMania week
59:54 - Listener questions!
1:16:08 - Goodbye!

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