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Rusev, Lana and Dolph Ziggler's love triangle plays pivotal role in 'Countdown'

Okay, probably not, but it is in the latest clip Lionsgate just released of the new best worst-movie-ever-made.

As we saw when the trailer dropped earlier this week, WWE Studios upcoming release, Countdown, starring Kane & Doph Ziggler, is going to be something else.

Stealing the show in that footage was Rusev as... well, Rusev. In this new clip, we get to see... well, the exact same scene. But this time, we see the aftermath of Det. Ziggler superkicking the Bulgarian Brute, which reveals that even in whatever parallel kayfabe world this film takes place in, Lana is forever shading her man.

Was this shot before the Ravishing Russian started on her epic run of backstage heat by leaking her engagement to RuRu, when the Dolph/Summer Rae storyline was still a thing?

Is it part of a loooong rib on the real-life couple for said leak?

Watch (as long as you're in a region where the clip will play - sorry, rest of the world) and decide for yourself.

For extra credit, tell us if Sgt. Kane's sell of one of his officers getting gut shot is a great thing, or the greatest thing.

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