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Cesaro's return announced for April live shows in Europe

WWE Netherlands tweeted news this morning concerning the April WrestleMania Revenge tour of Europe, and it has the internet pretty darn excited...

Those are definitely pictures of Cesaro wrestling, which along with the "BREAKING" indicates news - something an-ring return would certainly be, considering we haven't seen him wrestle since his shoulder injury was reported in November of last year and he recently told an interviewer his return was still months away.

Google translate claims the message accompanying those pictures means "Cesaro runs during WWE Amsterdam at the Ziggodome", which is definitely possible seeing as how he didn't injure his legs - but less newsworthy. The King of Swing already made a non-wrestling return during WWE's brief tour of Europe last month.

Multiple sites are running with this as his return to the ring, so if that's not the case, WWE will likely confirm it soon.

So let's get excited!

And if he can work a show on Apr. 15, why couldn't he work one on Apr. 3... right?

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