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Dean Ambrose's Roadblock loss 'elevated' him, per Steve Austin

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The idea that just working with a performer of a certain caliber or reputation can help your career in pro wrestling is controversial.

As with most things in life, it's probably something that needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. With the right guy, telling the right story, a loss can be an integral part of a push. With the wrong guy, or a different story, it can be something a wrestler has to overcome.

Many saw Dean Ambrose's defeat at the hands of Triple H this past Saturday (Mar. 12) at Roadblock as an example of the former. Included among those is all-time great Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Texas Rattlesnake, in discussing the show with frequent collaborator Wade Keller on his podcast (h/t: Wrestling Inc for transcription), said:

I think he [Ambrose] shined so much as a wrestler, as a performer, that this match got him over more in my eyes than he was before this match and I liked Dean Ambrose to begin with.

This match elevated Dean Ambrose. Dude, someone who books can argue that point with me, but I stand by the fact that someone had to get beat and the right guy got beat and he got beat in the right way and it's going to make him stronger and that kid's got a great future. He did before this match. He really does now. He went out there on a big stage with a top guy and threw down.

Personally, I do worry they're walking a tightrope with Dean, seeing as how after taking the pin at Fastlane, this loss coming before a probable loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania will give him a high-profile losing streak. But so far, they're pulling it off.

His Cincinnati promos from last night's SmackDown are a great way to establish him as a 21st century Dusty Rhodes, with an edge. Combine those with showcase performances like the one Austin's talking about at Roadblock, and you have a compelling character and potential top draw.

Check out the whole Steve Austin Show for the Hall of Famer's full review of the show - including a glowing appraisal of Enzo Amore and especially Colin Cassady's futures.

And let us know where you stand on the Lunatic Fringe a week after his latest setback in the quest to become WWE champ.

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