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Bray Wyatt cuts another cryptic WrestleMania 32 promo

"What would WrestleMania be without Bray Wyatt? What would a beast be without its teeth? What would a reaper be without a soul to take? What would a king be without his crown? But I know something y'all don't know. Something wicked this way comes. Run, all of you."

He's saying words but is he saying much of anything here? Those are direct references to the top three matches on the card at WrestleMania 32 -- Brock Lesnar (beast) vs. Dean Ambrose, Undertaker (reaper) vs. Shane McMahon, and Triple H (king) vs. Roman Reigns -- but there's no reason to believe Bray nor the rest of The Wyatt Family will be involved in any of them. If it's a reference to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal it makes even less sense.

This also comes just one day after a report from the Observer that Wyatt is suffering through a back injury.

Any guesses?

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