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Kofi Kingston has held the WWE tag titles longer than anyone else in history

Kofi Kingston has somewhat quietly put together a pretty remarkable WWE career. More and more folks are going to notice it, however, the more popular New Day gets - both because the group will add to his accomplishments, and because his teammates will keep calling attention to his résumé.

Both factors came together today on Twitter, as Xavier Woods pointed out that his teammate has set a new company record - thanks in part to the power of positivity:

WWE retweeted the PhD's math, confirming the accomplishment:

This is over the course of four times holding the bronze eagles: once with Evan "Matt Sydal" Bourne as Air Boom, once with R-Truth and twice Freebirdin' it with Woods & Big E.

It doesn't include the month and a half he held the now defunct WWE tag titles with CM Punk back in 2008.

The only titles that have eluded Kofi are the World singles' titles. In addition to his five times holding a tag belt, he's also a four-time Intercontinental and three-time United States champ.

His partners don't call him the G.O.A.T. for nothing, y'all.

More time as tag champ is almost certainly in his future... does he have a chance at ever adding a WWE title run to his list of accolades?

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