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There goes your money... WWE releases Shane McMahon merchandise

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WWE Shop on Twitter

How much this item excites you will probably depend on where you are on the "ZOMG Shane's back!" scale.

Peak surprise-return-Detroit-excitement or valley this-angle-makes-no-sense-Pittsburgh-apathy?

WWE is looking to cash in while their biggest shocking re-debut in recent memory is still hot and/or around, and has released a couple pieces of WrestleMania-themed, Shane McMahon merchandise for your purchasing pleasure.

It's the classic Shane O'Mac script jersey design on both (just depend on if you want to spend more money for the league official looking one or if you're okay with the neighborhood softball version). Unfortunately, both fall victim to the "$#!+ on the back" bug... BIG TIME, IMHO:

Will WWE Shop being saying "here comes" about YOUR money? We'll leave it up to you.

Let 'em know here.

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