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That referee Triple H hurt on Raw just needed some stitches in his leg

Triple H wasn't the only one who needed medical assistance following his big brawl with Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh this week. While he got the worst of it -- staples in his head and some glass shards removed from his back -- a referee, Dan Engler, also needed some stitches in his leg. This happened when Triple H was throwing anything he could find in Reigns' path and Engler got caught in the crossfire, as you can see in the video above.

"Just the chaos of the fight," he said. "Some stuff started getting thrown around and I got caught with one of the metal boxes, I think. Just bad timing. It's not ballet, you know?"

Don't worry, he just needed some stitches and, like Triple H, he's just fine. Let's just hope it doesn't lead to more litigation storylines on Raw over unsafe work environments or some other nonsense like that.

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