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Was Roman Reigns booed at the SmackDown tapings?

This business of debating how a crowd reacts to someone is tough.

For the second year in a row, the wrestling internet is all worked up about how audiences at live events are reacting to Roman Reigns. Raw in Pittsburgh on Mon., Mar. 14 sounded lifeless to me, but you'll find people online (some who say they were in Consol Energy Center and others who are just going by the live USA Network broadcast) who claim he was either booed vociferously or cheered passionately.

The spoiler reports out of Cincinnati last night for SmackDown are even harder to read. One site says he was welcomed with loud support; another says he was audibly torn to shreds.

This post was written to feature a fan video from YouTube shot in Ohio on Tuesday which might have helped you decide for yourself - or at least given you something to go on before WWE mixes the sound to its liking for Thursday night's airing.

WWE has yanked that video, probably because it was posted by someone with a vested interest in winning the argument that Reigns was booed. He or she was probably seated in a section of like-minded fans.

What you hear in the arena depends on where you're sitting; what we hear at home depends on where the microphone was placed.

And does the noise itself matter as long as people care so much about the debate? This isn't the future of the world, it's just a wrestler. Pulling the video may have just been a copyright issue, but as we've seen in cases like Finn Balor and Bayley, or Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, they're fine with leaving stuff online when it matches up with what they're selling.

As long as people want to fight over Roman, maybe Vince McMahon & WWE should just let the fans snipe at each other over it?

To paraphrase Queen B, maybe Reigns is a star because he's causing all this conversation.

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