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New Day's face turn may push them to top of WWE merchandise sales charts

According to a report today on Forbes, The New Day's newest piece of merchandise - a tee debuted Saturday night at Roadblock along with a commemorative cereal box - is WWE Shop's top-selling shirt.

With the Booty-Os design, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E's popular group has three of the top ten selling shirts in the company's online store. A pretty impressive feat for an act whose entrance was met with crickets at this time in 2015, and who rose to popularity by making fun of fans, their hometowns and their favorite wrestlers.

In the Forbes piece, Alfred Konuwa predicts that the babyface turn we've been seeing over the past few weeks will lead New Day to new heights in terms of merch sales. After a temporary pause to help set-up the AJ Styles/Chris Jericho feud for its big conclusion at WrestleMania, the trio has steadily dropped the cheap heat and more bully-ish aspects of their routine. Konuwa's thesis is that becoming more clear-cut babyfaces will result in more product being purchased by families, by and for kids.

The bet by WWE is taking on a more traditional face role will allow them to add one kind of fan without alientating another, the mostly adult male group who rejects other "good guys" like John Cena and Roman Reigns.

Will it work? Can New Day become the rare act almost everybody loves, a la Daniel Bryan? Or will they turn off some of their current fans trying to attract new ones?

While it may result in a net gain, I don't think it's a formula for doubling their existing sales. For the sake of E, X and Kofi, I hope it is, though.

What do you think?

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