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Rudo Radio episode 37, where we guess who's leaving WWE

People want out of both WWE and Lucha Underground. Let's try to figure out who! Oh, also, Roadblock and Sami vs. Joe discussion.

Not much happened on RAW, but a whole lot has happened in the past week. Let's get right down to business.

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On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome!
01:13 - RIP Neville
03:27 - Double RIP Dolph Ziggler
06:22 - I guess welcome back, Roman?
08:23 - Somebody's leaving WWE?
15:15 - Someone's leaving Lucha Underground?
23:29 - Joe vs. Sami
26:24 - Baron Corbin HATES NERDS
29:12 - Roadblock thoughts, featuring the realest guys in the room
33:04 - Dean Ambrose is gonna be all right
37:03 - Lucha Underground has wizards now - and nunchaku fights
44:43 - Sorry, there isn't going to be a restaurant after all
45:33 - The big New Day face turn
47:48 - Undertaker's motivations don't really matter
50:26 - Listener questions!
1:00:29 - The latest WrestleMania matches!
1:04:52 - This podcast made me learn how to love again.

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