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Brie Bella: 'It's time to become a mom'

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from professional wrestling early last month, Brie Bella was talking about starting a family "soon." In a new interview with Crave Online, she outright says it's time for her to become a mother.

"The hard thing for me is that my husband was forced to retire not too long ago and he's now looking at his new chapter in life and he's finding something to capture his heart kind of like wrestling did. It kind of puts me in this position that I realize I'm 32 and Bryan will be 35 here soon. It makes us look at each other and believe we're ready to become parents. I was always going back and forth and saying ‘I'm not ready to hang up my boots because I love wrestling so much.' However, seeing him retire and knowing he won't come back on the road, really made my heart tell me that this was it. It's time to become a mom. It's definitely around the corner. We want to start trying soon. It's just me trying to take very deep breaths and knowing that I'm going to have to come to an end here soon."

It should be noted that came in response to a question asking how much longer she sees herself in wrestling and/or Total Divas. The former, obviously, would go away with a pregnancy but it sounds like she's open to continuing on with the latter even through those nine months of carrying a child:

"One thing is, I don't mind reality. I think it's been fun to show that Bryan and I share a Honda Fit and we're huge environmentalists and we're big activists for animal rights. I think it would be neat for people to see us as parents too because people might be shocked at how we raise our children. I'm a vegetarian though so if I get pregnant, what the heck do I do [laughs]? Those are things that I don't mind the world seeing me go through."

That's assuming Total Divas, which has been struggling to retain viewership in season five, survives long enough to make it to her pregnancy.

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