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An Instagram post to which you can proudly say 'YAS QUEEN'

That there are people who would call WWE's Summer Rae "ugly" or have the gall to tell any stranger they should change the way they look is ridiculous, but it can be an ugly world - and the anonymity of the internet often distills that down to its meanest form.

Sure, it helps to be a tall, blonde athlete like Danielle Moinet (Summer's real name), but she should no more have to apologize for that than she should explain why she doesn't get breast implants or other plastic surgery.

All told, this Instagram post from Summer is the best attitude one can have about other's opinions of your looks - and a good example to set for any fans of hers struggling with maintaining that attitude.

A photo posted by Summer Rae (@daniellemoinet) on

This is me. For everyone that tells me to: gain weight, lose weight, get implants, get a bigger butt, get a nose job, gain more muscle, become more feminine...y'all can just keep scrolling! I'm happy, I'm healthy, and this is my body! No one asked you to like it. Embrace yourself fully & unapologetically! We are all different shapes & sizes and to me THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!! #NoWrongWayToBeAWoman #beyou #thisisme #selfacceptance #healthyliving #fitspo #fitfam #whereamilooking

YAS QUEEN SLAY, etc, etc.!

(Bonus points for making fun of herself with the last hashtag)

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