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Chris Jericho is such a jerk he doesn't want Bret Hart to get well

When I've been telling folks to just wait until Chris Jericho turned heel again, Roadblock is pretty much what I had in mind.

Sure, betraying AJ Styles on Raw was great, and burning the merch he probably told WWE Shop to make just so he could use it as a prop in their program on SmackDown was sweet, too.

But the return of the guy who will stand in the country where he's born and talk about how it smells so bad he moved while declaring himself the greatest icon in the history of Canada... that's what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, that promo hasn't been released by WWE, but thanks to the companies cameras, we have shots of something even better.

During his speech, Jericho responded to chants for Bret Hart as a Candian icon who is possibly greater than him by saying, "he's not coming back". That veiled shot at the Hitman, recovering from surgery to remove his cancerous prostate, would be enough.

Not for the Ayatollah. On his way to the back after defeating Jack Swagger, he grabbed a fan's "get well Bret" sign and ripped it in half:

That's the guy I've been waiting for.

Welcome back, Chris. Even if these whiney marks don't deserve you, we're glad you're back.

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