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Kevin Owens grabbed a mic after his Iron Man match with AJ Styles at tonight's house show, and you're gonna want to see what happened

If you're among the folks bummed out that AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens was happening in New Jersey on Saturday night instead of on Roadblock, this may help to console you a bit.

After the match, which KO presumably won since he's still holding his belt and (hopefully just) selling an ankle or foot injury, the champ grabbed a microphone and proceeded to uncharacteristically put over Styles. Speaking about how long it took each of them to get to WWE, the pair even shake hands as the Canadian says he hopes to face AJ again - and again - for the title.

This being our Prizefighting, Twitter-blocking hero, however, he of course can't help from slipping back into his gimmick -  talking about how great he is, how we should all be thankful we get to see the Kevin Owens show, and how (and this is where he done f-ed up, as the kids say) he's the real Phenomenal One.

That's AJ's cue to sneak back up on the apron, and springboard back in to hit a STYLES CRASH to shut him up.

It's all awesome, but KO's "what?' when he sees AJ's comeback is priceless.

More of all this please.

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