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The Complete List of WWE's 2015 PPV Match Times

WWE hosted 13 unique pay-per-view (PPV) events in 2015, spanning 90 total matches. These 90 matches combined for a total bell-to-bell time of 20 hours (h) 53 minutes (m) and 26 seconds (s), producing an average match time of 13m 56s.

Here is the complete sorted list of match times (this does not count any pre-show matches):

  1. 59m 35s: Royal Rumble match (Royal Rumble)
  2. 35m 40s: Rollins vs Ambrose (Money in the Bank)
  3. 28m 01s: Cena vs Rusev (Payback)
  4. 25m 12s: IC Chamber match (Elimination Chamber)
  5. 23m 58s: Sheamus vs Reigns (TLC)
  6. 23m 38s: Tag Team Championship Chamber match (Elimination Chamber)
  7. 23m 04s: Reigns vs Wyatt (Hell in a Cell)
  8. 22m 42s: Lesnar vs Cena vs Rollins (Royal Rumble)
  9. 22m 12s: Cena vs Owens (Battleground)
  10. 22m 08s: Reigns vs Wyatt (Battleground)
  11. 21m 49s: Rollins vs Ambrose (Elimination Chamber)
  12. 21m 02s: Rollins vs Orton (Extreme Rules)
  13. 20m 51s: Rollins vs Ambrose vs Reigns vs Orton (Payback)
  14. 20m 33s: MITB Contract Ladder match (Money in the Bank)
  15. 20m 10s: Bryan vs Reigns (Fastlane)
  16. 19m 56s: Cena vs Owens (Elimination Chamber)
  17. 19m 46s: Reigns vs Big Show (Extreme Rules)
  18. 19m 25s: Rollins vs Cena (SummerSlam)
  19. 19m 13s: Cena vs Owens (Money in the Bank)
  20. 18m 41s: Rusev vs Cena (Fastlane)
  21. 18m 36s: Sting vs Triple H (WrestleMania 31)
  22. 18m 08s: Lesnar vs Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)
  23. 17m 47s: New Day vs Usos vs Lucha Dragons (TLC)
  24. 17m 34s: New Day, Sheamus, Barrett vs Usos, Luchas, Ryback (Survivor Series)
  25. 17m 10s: Lesnar vs Undertaker (SummerSlam)
  26. 16m 53s: Orton vs Sheamus (Battleground)
  27. 16m 44s: Lesnar vs Reigns vs Rollins (WrestleMania 31)
  28. 16m 01s: Rollins vs Cena (Night of Champions)
  29. 15m 17s: Team PCB vs Team Bella vs Team BAD (SummerSlam)
  30. 15m 13s: Undertaker vs Wyatt (WrestleMania 31)
  31. 14m 56s: Rollins vs Sting (Night of Champions)
  32. 14m 37s: Rollins vs Kane (Hell in a Cell)
  33. 14m 32s: Rusev vs Cena (WrestleMania 31)
  34. 14m 16s: Cesaro vs Owens (SummerSlam)
  35. 14m 15s: Charlotte vs Paige (Survivor Series)
  36. 14m 06s: Reigns vs Del Rio (Survivor Series)
  37. 13m 49s: IC Ladder match (WrestleMania 31)
  38. 13m 46s: Ziggler vs Rusev (Night of Champions)
  39. 13m 36s: Cena vs Rusev (Extreme Rules)
  40. 13m 16s: Orton vs Rollins (WrestleMania 31)
  41. 13m 04s: Reigns, Ambrose, Jericho vs Wyatt Family (Night of Champions)
  42. 13m 01s: Rollins, Big Show, Kane vs Rowan, Ryback, Ziggler (Fastlane)
  43. 12m 41s: New Day vs Cesaro and Kidd (Payback)
  44. 12m 41s: Nikki vs Charlotte (Night of Champions)
  45. 12m 29s: ECW Originals vs Wyatt Family (TLC)
  46. 12m 22s: Sheamus vs Ziggler (Payback)
  47. 12m 14s: Orton vs Sheamus (SummerSlam)
  48. 11m 50s: Ziggler vs Rusev (SummerSlam)
  49. 11m 40s: Ambrose vs Harper (Extreme Rules)
  50. 11m 28s: Charlotte vs Sasha vs Brie (Battleground)
  51. 11m 22s: PTP vs New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Matadores (SummerSlam)
  52. 11m 20s: Ambrose vs Owens (Survivor Series)
  53. 11m 18s: Nikki vs Paige (Money in the Bank)
  54. 11m 12s: Del Rio vs Swagger (TLC)
  55. 10m 55s: Ambrose and Reigns vs Wyatt and Harper (SummerSlam)
  56. 10m 53s: Wyatt vs Ryback (Payback)
  57. 10m 39s: Charlotte vs Nikki (Hell in a Cell)
  58. 10m 38s: Charlotte vs Paige (TLC)
  59. 10m 20s: Undertaker and Kane vs Wyatt Family (Survivor Series)
  60. 9m 57s: New Day vs Dudley Boyz (Night of Champions)
  61. 9m 52s: Owens vs Ambrose (TLC)
  62. 9m 37s: Cesaro and Kidd vs New Day (Extreme Rules)
  63. 9m 33s: Usos vs Cesaro and Kidd (Fastlane)
  64. 9m 33s: Ryback vs Owens (Night of Champions)
  65. 9m 21s: Usos vs Miz and Mizdow (Royal Rumble)
  66. 9m 16s: Ziggler vs Sheamus (Extreme Rules)
  67. 9m 03s: Ambrose vs Reigns (Survivor Series)
  68. 8m 54s: Stardust vs Goldust (Fastlane)
  69. 8m 53s: Neville vs Dallas (Elimination Chamber)
  70. 8m 50s: Prime Time Players vs New Day (Battleground)
  71. 8m 25s: New Day vs Dudley Boyz (Hell in a Cell)
  72. 8m 16s: Rollins vs Lesnar (Battleground)
  73. 8m 04s: Bella Twins vs Paige and Natalya (Royal Rumble)
  74. 8m 00s: Ambrose vs Barrett (Fastlane)
  75. 7m 56s: Ryback vs Rusev (TLC)
  76. 7m 46s: Cena vs Del Rio (Hell in a Cell)
  77. 7m 35s: Amell and Neville vs Stardust and Barrett (SummerSlam)
  78. 7m 23s: Neville vs Barrett (Payback)
  79. 7m 18s: Nikki vs Naomi (Extreme Rules)
  80. 6m 40s: Bella Twins vs AJ and Paige (WrestleMania 31)
  81. 6m 40s: Ziggler vs Breeze (Survivor Series)
  82. 6m 13s: Bella Twins vs Naomi and Tamina (Payback)
  83. 6m 04s: Nikki vs Naomi vs Paige (Elimination Chamber)
  84. 5m 49s: New Day vs Prime Time Players (Money in the Bank)
  85. 5m 34s: Nikki vs Paige (Fastlane)
  86. 5m 34s: Owens vs Ryback (Hell in a Cell)
  87. 5m 32s: Ryback vs Miz vs Big Show (SummerSlam)
  88. 5m 28s: Ryback vs Big Show (Money in the Bank)
  89. 5m 27s: New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension (Royal Rumble)
  90. 0m 38s: Reigns vs Sheamus (Survivor Series)

The list above shows that roughly 25% of the matches fall between each of the following time ranges:

  • 0m 38s to 8m 59s
  • 8m 59s to 12m 26s
  • 12m 26s to 17m 58s
  • 17m 58s to 59m 35s

The gap between the median time (12m 26s) and average match time (13m 56s) is about 1m 30s; this gap has narrowed compared to 2013 and 2014 when it was closer to 2m 00s.

The main reason this gap has narrowed is that the median has increased, and this is because 2015 only included 16 matches that lasted under 8m 00s.  In 2013, 26 of 88 matches lasted under 8m 00s.  In 2014, 31 of 86 matches lasted under 8m 00s.

Cumulative and Average Match Times

Here is the sorted list of total match times for each individual performer, along with their won-loss record.

[For elimination matches, survival time was used as a performer's match time. There were six of these elimination matches: the Royal Rumble match, both Elimination Chamber matches, Team PCB versus Team Bella versus Team BAD, ECW Originals versus the Wyatt Family, and the traditional elimination tag team match at Survivor Series. Furthermore, Seth Rollins only received credit for the final portion of the match time of the WrestleMania 31 main event.]

  1. 4h 02m 30s: Roman Reigns (7-7)
  2. 3h 42m 17s: Seth Rollins (8-5)
  3. 3h 22m 05s: John Cena (6-5)
  4. 2h 59m 33s: Dean Ambrose (5-7)
  5. 2h 45m 04s: Bray Wyatt (4-5)
  6. 2h 23m 40s: Rusev (2-5-1)
  7. 2h 06m 24s: Sheamus (5-4)
  8. 2h 04m 02s: Dolph Ziggler (2-7-1)
  9. 2h 01m 27s: Kofi Kingston (6-5)
  10. 1h 57m 37s: Big E (6-5)
  11. 1h 51m 56s: Kevin Owens (4-4)
  12. 1h 44m 49s: Randy Orton (2-4)
  13. 1h 43m 18s: Ryback (3-7)
  14. 1h 29m 48s: Nikki Bella (5-5)
  15. 1h 23m 00s: Brock Lesnar (3-2)
  16. 1h 17m 50s: Paige (2-6)
  17. 1h 16m 34s: Luke Harper (2-5)
  18. 1h 15m 26s: Kane (2-3)
  19. 1h 14m 58s: Charlotte Flair (6-0)
  20. 1h 05m 19s: Cesaro (1-5)
  21. 1h 01m 25s: King Barrett (1-6)
  22. 1h 00m 51s: Undertaker (3-1)
  23. 58m 01s: Kalisto (1-3)
  24. 54m 15s: Jey Uso (2-2)
  25. 52m 08s: Big Show (2-3)
  26. 51m 47s: Sin Cara (1-4)
  27. 48m 33s: Tyson Kidd (1-4)
  28. 47m 42s: Brie Bella (1-4)
  29. 46m 04s: Jimmy Uso (2-2)
  30. 44m 24s: Neville (3-1)
  31. 44m 10s: Daniel Bryan (1-2)
  32. 42m 43s: Stardust (0-4)
  33. 37m 05s: Titus O'Neil (2-3)
  34. 37m 00s: Darren Young (2-2)
  35. 35m 34s: Bubba Ray Dudley (1-3)
  36. 33m 32s: Sting (0-2)
  37. 33m 04s: Alberto Del Rio (2-1)
  38. 27m 51s: R-Truth (0-3)
  39. 26m 50s: D-Von Dudley (1-2)
  40. 25m 41s: Naomi (1-3)
  41. 25m 33s: Braun Strowman (2-0)
  42. 25m 13s: Xavier Woods (1-2)
  43. 24m 02s: Jack Swagger (0-2)
  44. 18m 55s: Konnor (1-1)
  45. 18m 55s: Viktor (1-1)
  46. 18m 54s: Miz (0-3)
  47. 18m 36s: Triple H (1-0)
  48. 17m 34s: Sasha Banks (0-2)
  49. 16m 59s: Erick Rowan (1-1)
  50. 15m 17s: Becky Lynch (1-0)
  51. 15m 17s: Alicia Fox (0-1)
  52. 15m 15s: Goldust (1-1)
  53. 13m 16s: Diego (0-2)
  54. 13m 16s: Fernando (0-2)
  55. 13m 04s: Chris Jericho (0-1)
  56. 12m 19s: Tamina Snuka (1-1)
  57. 10m 41s: Tommy Dreamer (0-1)
  58. 9m 46s: Mark Henry (0-1)
  59. 9m 39s: Damien Mizdow (0-2)
  60. 8m 53s: Bo Dallas (0-1)
  61. 8m 04s: Natalya (0-1)
  62. 7m 36s: Fandango (0-1)
  63. 7m 35s: Stephen Amell (1-0)
  64. 6m 40s: AJ Lee (1-0)
  65. 6m 40s: Tyler Breeze (1-0)
  66. 6m 27s: Rhyno (0-1)
  67. 5m 27s: Road Dogg (0-1)
  68. 5m 27s: Billy Gunn (0-1)
  69. 2m 28s: Diamond Dallas Page (0-1)
  70. 0m 48s: Boogeyman (0-1)
  71. 0m 34s: Zack Ryder (0-1)
  72. 0m 10s: Adam Rose (0-1)
  73. 0m 00s: Curtis Axel (0-1)

And here is a listing of the number of matches each superstar or diva competed in:

  • 14 matches: Reigns
  • 13 matches: Rollins
  • 12 matches: Ambrose
  • 11 matches: Cena, Kofi, Big E
  • 10 matches: Ziggler, Ryback, Nikki
  • 9 matches: Wyatt, Sheamus
  • 8 matches: Rusev, Owens, Paige
  • 7 matches: Harper, Barrett
  • 6 matches: Orton, Charlotte, Cesaro
  • 5 matches: Lesnar, Kane, Big Show, Sin Cara, Kidd, Brie, Titus
  • 4 matches: Undertaker, Kalisto, Usos, Neville, Stardust, D-Young, Bubba, Naomi
  • 3 matches: Bryan, Del Rio, Truth, D-Von, Woods, Miz
  • 2 matches: Sting, Strowman, Swagger, Ascension, Sasha, Rowan, Goldust, Matadores, Tamina, Mizdow
  • 1 match: Triple H, Becky, Alicia, Jericho, Dreamer, Henry, Dallas, Natalya, Fandango, Amell, AJ, Breeze, Rhyno, New Age Outlaws, DDP, Boogeyman, Ryder, Rose, Axel

Here is the same list of 73 superstars, now sorted by their average match time.  For every superstar who wrestled in more than one match, I will include a sorted array of each of their individual match times so that you can see a rough distribution and where any outliers may pop up.  Those numbers will be rounded to the nearest minute for the sake of readability.  The entry for Daniel Bryan can be interpreted as, "Daniel Bryan's average match time was 14 minutes and 43 seconds, and his three individual match times were roughly 20 minutes, 14 minutes, and 10 minutes."

  1. 18m 36s: Triple H
  2. 18m 22s: Cena [28, 23, 22, 20, 19, 19, 19, 16, 15, 14, 8]
  3. 18m 20s: Wyatt [47, 23, 22, 15, 13, 12, 11, 11, 10]
  4. 17m 58s: Rusev [35, 28, 19, 15, 14, 14, 12, 8]
  5. 17m 28s: Orton [21, 21, 21, 17, 13, 12]
  6. 17m 19s: Reigns [28, 24, 23, 22, 21, 21, 20, 20, 17, 14, 13, 11, 9, 1]
  7. 17m 06s: Rollins [36, 23, 22, 21, 21, 19, 16, 15, 15, 13, 13, 8, 1]
  8. 16m 46s: Sting [19, 15]
  9. 16m 36s: Lesnar [23, 18, 17, 17, 8]
  10. 15m 17s: Becky
  11. 15m 17s: Alicia
  12. 15m 13s: Undertaker [18, 17, 15, 10]
  13. 15m 05s: Kane [21, 17, 15, 13, 10]
  14. 14m 58s: Ambrose [36, 22, 21, 14, 14, 13, 12, 11, 11, 10, 9, 8]
  15. 14m 43s: Bryan [20, 14, 10]
  16. 14m 30s: Kalisto [18, 18, 11, 11]
  17. 14m 03s: Sheamus [24, 21, 18, 17, 13, 12, 12, 9]
  18. 14m 00s: Owens [22, 20, 19, 14, 11, 10, 10, 6]
  19. 13m 34s: Jey Uso [18, 18, 10, 9]
  20. 13m 04s: Jericho
  21. 12m 47s: Strowman [13, 12]
  22. 12m 30s: Charlotte [15, 14, 13, 11, 11, 11]
  23. 12m 24s: Ziggler [21, 20, 14, 14, 13, 12, 12, 9, 7, 2]
  24. 12m 01s: Swagger [13, 11]
  25. 11m 31s: Jimmy Uso [18, 10, 9, 9]
  26. 11m 06s: Neville [21, 9, 8, 7]
  27. 11m 02s: Kingston [21, 18, 13, 12, 11, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 3]
  28. 11m 01s: Del Rio [14, 11, 8]
  29. 10m 56s: Harper [14, 13, 12, 12, 11, 10, 4]
  30. 10m 53s: Cesaro [14, 14, 13, 10, 10, 5]
  31. 10m 42s: Big E [18, 15, 13, 11, 11, 10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6]
  32. 10m 41s: Dreamer
  33. 10m 41s: Stardust [14, 12, 9, 8]
  34. 10m 26s: Big Show [20, 13, 8, 6, 5]
  35. 10m 21s: Sin Cara [18, 11, 11, 11, 1]
  36. 10m 20s: Ryback [18, 17, 13, 11, 11, 10, 8, 6, 6, 5]
  37. 9m 46s: Henry
  38. 9m 44s: Paige [15, 14, 11, 11, 8, 7, 6, 6]
  39. 9m 43s: Kidd [14, 13, 10, 10, 2]
  40. 9m 32s: Brie [15, 11, 8, 7, 6]
  41. 9m 28s: Konnor [13, 5]
  42. 9m 28s: Viktor [13, 5]
  43. 9m 17s: Truth [14, 10, 4]
  44. 9m 15s: D-Young [11, 11, 9, 6]
  45. 8m 59s: Nikki [15, 13, 11, 11, 8, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6]
  46. 8m 57s: D-Von [10, 8, 8]
  47. 8m 54s: Bubba [12, 10, 8, 5]
  48. 8m 53s: Bo Dallas
  49. 8m 47s: Sasha [11, 6]
  50. 8m 46s: Barrett [14, 11, 8, 8, 8, 7, 6]
  51. 8m 30s: Rowan [13, 4]
  52. 8m 24s: Woods [12, 7, 6]
  53. 8m 04s: Natalya
  54. 7m 38s: Goldust [9, 6]
  55. 7m 36s: Fandango
  56. 7m 35s: Amell
  57. 7m 25s: Titus [11, 11, 9, 6, 0]
  58. 6m 40s: AJ Lee
  59. 6m 40s: Breeze
  60. 6m 38s: Diego [11, 2]
  61. 6m 38s: Fernando [11, 2]
  62. 6m 27s: Rhyno
  63. 6m 25s: Naomi [7, 6, 6, 6]
  64. 6m 18s: Miz [9, 6, 4]
  65. 6m 10s: Tamina [6, 6]
  66. 5m 27s: Road Dogg
  67. 5m 27s: Billy Gunn
  68. 4m 50s: Mizdow [9, 0]
  69. 2m 28s: DDP
  70. 0m 48s: Boogeyman
  71. 0m 34s: Ryder
  72. 0m 10s: Rose
  73. 0m 00s: Axel

Miscellaneous Observations

Roman Reigns beat out Seth Rollins for the most PPV match time in 2015.  This is largely because Roman Reigns stayed healthy all year in an upper card and main event spot while Seth Rollins (and John Cena) missed the final two PPV events on the calendar.

If the MITB cash-in at Survivor Series is excluded, then the average match time for Roman Reigns increases from 17m 19s to 18m 42s.  This puts him at the very top of the list.

21 of the 73 performers only competed on exactly one of the thirteen PPV main cards.

The Royal Rumble card featured 10 of these 21 performers.  The Royal Rumble match itself was the only PPV match of the year for 6 stars: Fandango, DDP, Boogeyman, Ryder, Rose, and Axel.  The undercard featured the lone PPV match of the year for these 3 performers: Natalya, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn.   Finally there is Damien Mizdow, who wrestled on both the undercard as well as the Royal Rumble match, but never wrestled on the main card of another PPV for the remainder of the year.

Of the wrestlers who competed in at least 2 different matches, the highest winning percentages went to Charlotte (100%), Strowman (100%), Neville (75%), Undertaker (75%), and Del Rio (67%).

Out of the 53 wrestlers who competed in more than one match, only 11 had a winning record.  31 of them had a losing record, and the remaining 11 performers had the same number of wins and losses.

The overall record of the 20 performers who competed in exactly one match was 5 wins and 15 losses.

Keep in mind that one reason why there are so many losing records is because of group matches with multiple losers.  The Royal Rumble match had 1 winner and 29 losers.  Multi-man ladder matches have 1 winner and many losers.  The two Elimination Chamber matches combined to have 4 winners and 15 losers.

Jack Swagger followed up his 0-7 record in 2014 by going 0-2 in 2015.  I'm sure that he'll find his way back in the win column one of these years.

I am always nauseous at the smallest sign of a Ryback push, because Vince's fascination with musculature makes Ryback seem like a guy who will get more opportunities to rise up the card than smaller performers.  But Ryback's record on PPV doesn't indicate that WWE intends to do anything major with this guy.  Since the start of 2013 Ryback has amassed a record of 7-18-1, which is a winning percentage of 27%.

It's surprising to see Roman Reigns with an assumed rocket strapped to his ass yet only a 7-7 record in 2015.  2 of his losses were MITB cash-ins.  4 of his losses came in either group or gimmick matches where he didn't end up taking a pin fall.  Roman's remaining loss was at the hands of Bray Wyatt due to outside interference from Luke Harper.

That career PPV record of 0-2 for future Hall of Famer Sting is quite remarkable, huh Triple H?

And do you remember when Rusev was unpinned throughout all of 2014?  Well then the calendar switched to 2015 and Rusev had to deal with the unstoppable power of CenaWinsLOL.  Not surprisingly, Rusev's record in 2015 was 2-5-1 and he has been firmly entrenched as just another mid-carder.

Even though Dean Ambrose had 12 PPV matches this year and finished with the 4th most match time of 2015, he actually decreased in overall match time from 2014 by nearly 20 minutes.

Based on won-loss record it appears that Charlotte (6-0) is the star who is getting one of the most aggressive pushes in the company.

5 of Ryback's 10 matches were for the Intercontinental Championship, and 3 of his IC matches ended up among the 5 shortest matches of the year.

The main event of Battleground, Lesnar versus Rollins, actually finished as the 19th shortest match of the year out of 90 total matches.

Brock Lesnar's record on PPV since conquering the streak is 4-5.  This is cheating a little because I am also counting his two losses thus far in 2016 (which are not included in any of the lists above), but it is still pretty stunning to see.  Brock has not been pinned in any of those 5 defeats.

The divas were featured in 13 out of the 90 matches and were given 10.1% of the total match time for the year.  These matches had an average time of 9m 42s and a median time of 10m 38s.

The remaining 77 male-exclusive matches had an average time of 14m 38s and a median time of 13m 04s.  And if you discard the 13 main event matches from consideration, the remaining 64 male-exclusive undercard matches had an average time of 13m 07s and a median time of 12m 18s.

These numbers greatly improved for the divas once the Divas Revolution kicked off circa Battleground.  The 7 divas matches from before that show had an average match time of 7m 19s and a median time of 6m 40s.  The 6 matches during the Divas Revolution had an average match time of 12m 30s and a median time of 12m 05s.

There were 57 one-on-one matches on PPV in 2015.  Here are the 5 longest one-on-one matches that did not include at least one of Cena, Rollins, Reigns, Undertaker, or Triple H.

  • 16m 53s: Orton vs Sheamus (Battleground)
  • 14m 16s: Cesaro vs Owens (SummerSlam)
  • 14m 15s: Charlotte vs Paige (Survivor Series)
  • 13m 46s: Ziggler vs Rusev (Night of Champions)
  • 12m 41s: Nikki vs Charlotte (Night of Champions)

The Royal Rumble match was a significant contributor to Bray Wyatt's total match time for the year, as he survived for roughly 46m 58s.  That accounts for 28.5% of his total match time for 2015.

Some other stars who saw at least 20% of their match time for 2015 come from the Royal Rumble match include Swagger (53.4%), Goldust (41.6%), Stardust (29.1%), Rusev (24.6%), Bryan (23.1%), Kane (22.4%), and Miz (21.3%).

The Effect of Group Matches

If you add up the cumulative match times for all 73 superstars it equals 62 hours, 35 minutes, and 37 seconds.

The combined survival times of each superstar from the Royal Rumble match take up 4h 24m 19s of the total 62h 35m 37s.  This means that approximately 7.0% of the cumulative superstar match time for the year came from this one match.

Here is a list of how that cumulative superstar match time of 62h 35m 37s was distributed on each PPV. A high number means that group matches had strong prominence on that show.  A low number means that most of the match time came from one-on-one matches.

  • 7h 21m 22s: SummerSlam
  • 7h 03m 53s: Royal Rumble
  • 5h 24m 56s: Elimination Chamber
  • 5h 13m 23s: TLC
  • 5h 10m 25s: Money In The Bank
  • 4h 47m 50s: Survivor Series
  • 4h 40m 46s: WrestleMania 31
  • 4h 36m 18s: Payback
  • 4h 12m 06s: Night of Champions
  • 3h 58m 56s: Fastlane
  • 3h 28m 42s: Battleground
  • 3h 23m 44s: Extreme Rules
  • 3h 13m 16s: Hell in a Cell

Here is the list of the top 15 matches of the year in terms of cumulative superstar match time.  For elimination matches (like the Royal Rumble match, Elimination Chamber match, etc.) this means simply adding up each participating superstar's survival time.  For just about any other match it means multiplying the match time by the number of superstars competing in the match.  For example, in a normal tag team match that goes 15 minutes, the cumulative match time earned by all four superstars would be 60 minutes.

  1. 4h 24m 19s: Royal Rumble match
  2. 2h 23m 51s: MITB Contract Ladder Match
  3. 2h 14m 26s: New Day, Sheamus, Barrett vs Usos, Luchas, Ryback
  4. 2h 04m 41s: Tag Team Championship Chamber match
  5. 1h 50m 00s: Team PCB vs Team Bella vs Team BAD
  6. 1h 46m 42s: New Day vs Usos vs Lucha Dragons
  7. 1h 36m 43s: IC Ladder match
  8. 1h 30m 56s: PTP vs New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs Matadores
  9. 1h 23m 24s: Rollins vs Ambrose vs Reigns vs Orton
  10. 1h 20m 47s: IC Chamber match
  11. 1h 19m 29s: ECW Originals vs Wyatt Family
  12. 1h 18m 24s: Reigns, Ambrose, Jericho vs Wyatt Family
  13. 1h 18m 06s: Rollins, Big Show, Kane vs Rowan, Ryback, Ziggler
  14. 1h 11m 20s: Rollins vs Ambrose (Money In The Bank)
  15. 1h 08m 06s: Lesnar vs Cena vs Rollins

These 15 matches combined for a cumulative superstar match time of 26h 51m 14s, which is 42.9% of the overall cumulative superstar match time for the year (62h 35m 37s). However on an individual basis, these 15 matches took up a total PPV time of 5h 22m 34s, which is 25.7% of the overall PPV match time for the year (20h 53m 26s).

The two percentages given above (42.9%, 25.7%) for these top 15 matches fall back in line with the results from 2013 (46.4%, 27.5%) after a surge in 2014 (56.9%, 31.5%).

The percentages for 2014 jumped up due to 7 of the 12 main events being group matches.  Only 3 of the 13 main event matches in 2015 included more than two participants.

Match Types and Finishes

Here is a quick look at match types and match finishes, with an occasional timing detail thrown in.

The 90 matches broke down into the following match types:

23 Team Matches (average time is 11m 02s, median time is 9m 57s)

  • 11 normal Tag Team matches featuring 2 men versus 2 men with no stipulation
  • 3 normal Tag Team matches featuring 2 women versus 2 women with no stipulation
  • 2 6-Man Tag Team matches
  • 1 Tag Team Fatal 4-Way match
  • 1 Team Elimination Chamber match
  • 1 Tag Team Two out of Three Falls match
  • 1 8-Man Tables Elimination match
  • 1 10-Man Tag Team Elimination match
  • 1 3-way Team Ladder match
  • 1 3-way Divas Elimination Tag Team match

67 other matches without teams (average time is 14m 55s, median time is 13m 46s)

  • 36 normal Singles matches featuring 1 man versus 1 man with no stipulation
  • 5 normal Singles matches featuring 1 woman versus 1 woman with no stipulation
  • 2 Triple Threat matches featuring 3 men
  • 2 Triple Threat matches featuring 3 women
  • 2 HIAC matches
  • 2 Multi-Man Ladder matches
  • 1 Ladder match featuring one man versus one man
  • 1 TLC match
  • 1 normal divas match where everyone is banned from ringside
  • 1 normal divas match where the championship can change on DQ or CO
  • 1 normal Singles match that was turned into a Triple Threat due to a MITB cash-in
  • 1 normal Fatal 4-Way match featuring 4 men
  • 1 Winner Takes All match featuring champion versus champion
  • 1 normal singles match where Kane's title of DOO is at risk
  • 1 Street Fight
  • 1 No Disqualification match
  • 1 Steel Cage match where the RKO is banned and Kane is the gatekeeper
  • 1 Royal Rumble match
  • 1 Elimination Chamber match
  • 1 I Quit match
  • 1 Chairs match
  • 1 Russian Chain match
  • 1 Last Man Standing match
  • 1 Kiss Me Arse match

48 of these 90 matches featured a championship hanging in the balance.  Here is the breakdown, with the average and median times also provided respectively in parenthesis.

  • 12 WWE World Heavyweight Championship matches (17m 31s, 18m 48s)
  • 11 Tag Team Championship matches (11m 33s, 9m 37s)
  • 8 United States Championship matches (16m 30s, 15m 17s)
  • 8 Divas Championship matches (9m 48s, 10m 39s)
  • 8 Intercontinental Championship matches (10m 23s, 8m 47s)
  • 1 match for both the WWE WHC and the US Championship (19m 25s, 19m 25s)

If the 0m 38s match where Sheamus cashed in on Roman Reigns is ignored, the average match time of those WWE WHC matches increases from 17m 31s to 19m 03s.

16 of these 48 championship matches included a title changing hands.  The overall tally is 4 times for the Intercontinental Championship, 4 times for the Tag Team Championships, 4 times for the United States Championship, 3 times for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and 1 time for the Divas Championship.

Here is the breakdown of how the winners of the 90 matches were decided:

  • 62 Pin falls
  • 7 Submissions
  • 5 Disqualifications
  • 5 Climbing a ladder
  • 4 Pass outs
  • 1 Over the top rope elimination
  • 1 Touching 4 corners
  • 1 Putting opponent through a table
  • 1 Last man standing
  • 1 Escaping a steel cage
  • 1 Count Out
  • 1 No contest (via double count out)

Main Events

Finally, here are your 2015 WWE main event performers.  These are all the guys who wrestled in the final match of a PPV event.  I am going to exclude the Royal Rumble event from consideration (which is probably short-changing Roman Reigns), as there were technically 30 men in that main event match and most of them were just mid-card fodder.  I am also excluding both Money in the Bank cash-ins, so Seth Rollins is not getting credit for WrestleMania 31.

  • 6 matches: Seth Rollins
  • 5 matches: Roman Reigns
  • 4 matches: Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar
  • 2 matches: Undertaker, Randy Orton
  • 1 match: Bryan, Sting, Sheamus

After looking at that list of main event performers, I finally realize what John Cena means when he says, "You Can't See Me!"

So there is the complete listing of each 2015 PPV match along with other details related to timing elements and match type classifications.  What stands out to you the most?  Do you think Roman Reigns will repeat in 2016 as the man with the most ring time on PPV?

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