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WWE Roadblock 2016 results: Brock Lesnar defeats Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

It was two men against one beast. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn't care much about the odds.

Saturday night's Roadblock special on the WWE Network was supposed to feature a singles match between Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt. Prior to the match, however, Wyatt cut a promo explaining how he "made a deal with the devil" and the match would be a handicap bout pitting himself and his acolyte Luke Harper against the Beast Incarnate.

The extra-man advantage didn't help Wyatt secure the victory, however. In fact, Wyatt opted not to get involved at all, taking a powder before locking up with Lesnar and letting Harper take the punishment on his behalf.

Lesnar immediately caught Harper in a German suplex, but Harper managed to take control with a big dive and got a pinfall attempt with a discus lariat. After another few German suplexes, Lesnar hit Harper with an F5 for the win.

Lesnar is still set to face Dean Ambrose in a no holds barred street fight at WrestleMania in three weeks. By avoiding contact with Bray Wyatt, that feud remains a possibility for later in the year.

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