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WWE Roadblock results: Charlotte cheats to beat Natalya in a great Divas title win

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The build consisted of a pre-match interview, but Charlotte and Natalya managed to generate good heat bantering about their family legacy and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Bret Hart's niece goaded the champ into putting the title on the line by saying the Flairs were cowards, and we were off.

Representing her uncles Bret and Owen with a t-shirt as Michael Cole reminded us about their classic NXT TakeOver encounter from 2014, Natty set out to prove something to Charlotte and the WWE Universe - that the former Divas champ had a chance despite the Nature Girl already having a Triple Threat title defense set for WrestleMania.

She went for submissions early, looking to lock-in a Sharpshooter and Surfboard early. But when it looked like she might deliver a victory for Bret, at home recovering from prostate surgery, Charlotte lived up to her family's dirtiest players in the game reputation, baiting the challenger into chasing her outside so she could drive her back first into the ring apron.

From there, the champ was in the driver's seat at Roadblock. Natalya would not lay down, but Charlotte wore her down, specifically targeting the left knee to prep for the Figure Eight leglock. It may have contributed to her inability to lock in the Sharpshooter during another comeback, and to turn over Charlotte's submission finisher.

Having dedicated the match to Hart, Natty wasn't giving up or in. When even a hung Figure Four and Natural Selection couldn't earn victory, Charlotte tried something that's never worked for her family when she went up top. Natalya caught her for a huge sitout powerbomb and a great nearfall.

Another Sharpshooter was locked in in the middle of the ring, and things looked dire for the champ. But her dad was there for here again, pulling her to the ropes and distracting Natalya for a roll-up. To ensure a finish, the champ put her feet on the bottom ropes to steal one.

The house show set-up gave them time, and they gave us a great example of women's wrestling.

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