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New Day unveils Booty O's Cereal, a real thing you can buy

Don't look stupid like Sheamus. Eat your Booty ... O's Cereal.

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Okay, so it isn't actually CEREAL, but it IS a cereal box that you can buy RIGHT NOW on the WWE Shop. Yes, the Booty O's cereal that the New Day unveiled on the Roadblock special Saturday night was a real product, one that comes packed with a T-shirt instead of (possibly) delicious cereal.

The description from the Shop:

Get your reccommended daily value of Positivity, Unicorn Magic, and Trombone music! All part of a balanced New Day Breakfast! This New Day T-Shirt comes packaged in a collectible "Booty-O" Box

WWE realizes that New Day are merchandising machines, so they're just going to keep this Booty Train rolling. If nothing else, you can just get yourself some of that bottom-shelf bagged supermarket cereal and make every morning a Booty-O morning. You gotta treat yourself, people.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the WWE Shop and eat your booty.

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