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Let's watch Luke Harper take a F5 from Brock Lesnar in slow motion

WWE on Vine

Unlike earlier "movez" reports this week, I am 100% certain of the name of this one.

What I'm not so clear on is whether or not it's a good thing we get a slow motion version of it, or if this is a particularly good rendition of a F5 - especially as it relates to how Luke Harper, a performer who's work I adore, took it:

The way Bray Wyatt's #1 guy took this last night in Montreal, there's absolutely no way he'd be incapictated by the manuever... unless his knees hurt so badly he couldn't stand up afterwards.

Is that a common way to cushion the fall, and I've just never noticed because I've never seen a slow motion F5 before?

If it's not, why is this the one WWE's deciding to circulate? Do their web teams just not pay attention to this stuff, or do they want us to clearly see the trick behind the magic?

Or am I just a wrestling nerd with too much time on my hands?

We'll accept all answers, just please go gentle on me when responding to that last one.

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