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Game Night's season one finale features the greatest dodgeball comeback OF ALL TIME

The first season of Game Night, WWE's latest official YouTube series which features wrestlers goofing off while kind of in character, wraps with the above video.

Pitting the show's host, Heath Slater, his #SocialOutcasts faction-mates & Divas champ Charlotte (as Team Game Night) against tag titleholders The New Day, Sasha Banks & Tyler Breeze (as Team UpUpDownDown) in a game of dodgeball - I have to agree with my boss' assessment of last week's episode - this sounds like it should be more fun than it ends up being.

It's still pretty great, though, due in no small part to official scorer Rusev, some video production silliness like "Irrelevant Cutaway starring King Barrett" and, of course, confirmation that Big E does everything in his singlet.

I won't give away the result of the competition, either, but it's a rousing game which sees one player fight incredible odds. Seriously: gripping stuff.

So, farewell, season one of Game Night. Although you didn't always live up to our high hopes, you were an entertaining diversion. If you're taking suggestions for season two, please consider more irrationally angry Axe Man, and Rusev doing, well, whatever the hell he wants.

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