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A Sami Zayn match on SmackDown!

The video above is nothing special, not really, not in the grand scheme of things. This is just another episode of SmackDown in a series that has been running for almost 17 years now, and this is just another tag team match set up by a talking segment that started the show.


This comes after a successful re-debut on the main roster on Monday Night Raw this week to reignite his feud with Kevin Owens. Oh, and he pointed to the WrestleMania 32 sign, the first time he's done so in his career. This has been a week of firsts for Sami, a top talent who has been battling for what seems like forever to get to exactly this point.

Well, he's here.

He's not done in NXT just yet. He's scheduled for a match at NXT Takeover: Dallas on April 1 (warning: spoilers if you follow the link), so he's got at least one more match in the developmental promotion, and it wouldn't be a shock to see him continue on for a time after that. He certainly wouldn't be the first.

Still, he's a main roster WWE wrestler now, working opening tag team matches on SmackDown while preparing for a match at WrestleMania. They didn't blow the doors off, not just yet, but they're absolutely setting up for it. Who knows what the future holds -- it's always uncertain in the land of Vince McMahon -- but if there's a star who can shine brightest on the biggest stage, it's Zayn.

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