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Where's Big Show?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After devoting time on Raw, SmackDown and in Fallout videos to starting a program between Big Show and Kevin Owens in the weeks following Fastlane, the World's Largest Athlete has been strangely absent from television.

Well, maybe it's not that strange, considering Owens has missed shows despite holding the Intercontinental title. It is WrestleMania season, after all, and with big names coming back to sell their angles heading into the Show of Shows, time can be at a premium.

But there were reports (such as this one from Wrestling Inc) he landed awkwardly during a match with Dolph Ziggler at Sunday's Kalamazoo, Michigan house show, with speculation he'd hurt his knee. Given that those in attendance said he walked to the back under his own power - and the rash of Friday night injury reporting which turned out to all be minor - a lot of outlets took the item with a grain of salt.

Then Raw went by, and the SmackDown tapings. He is still listed as Kane's tag partner for Saturday's Live event in Atlantic City with the rest of the non-Roadblock crew, so while that still falls under standard "card subject to change" parameters... we should know then what's up with the reigning Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner.

Question is, does the absence of a guy who's often the subject of "Please Retire" chants bother you? He's explained why WWE thinks he's valuable, and if he was working with Owens, it was (hopefully) to put him over... would you miss him if he missed WrestleMania?

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