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Bayley's okay with the term 'Divas', but says let's go ahead and change it anyway

Probably the most telling thing about the ongoing discussion of whether WWE should go back to using the term "women" to describe their female performers is that, if they did get rid of the term "Divas", I don't think anyone would complain and ask for it back.

In contrast, I don't think it's possible to get through an interview with a female wrestler or talk about the future of women's wrestling without someone talking about ditching "Diva".

The topic came up in Ted Gruber's interview with NXT Women's champion Bayley over at FanSided. Every the company woman, the Hugster says that she personally is fine with being a "Diva"... but she'd vote to go back to "women" across the board:

It doesn't bother me. The only reason personally I would like it to go back to women's -” it's what I grew up with. I am so used to watching the Women's Championship being defended and that's where I come from. It's not like I don't like the term Diva, it's what you make of it. I would like to continue what I have now which is [being] the Women's Champion.

Bayley is right that the word doesn't determine much on it's own. While it's true that if the ladies were booked well and given plenty of time, a trademarked term wouldn't make much of a difference, wouldn't it be better if we could just move past this whole discussion and only focus on the wrestling and storytelling?

When this is all one of the most important of the next wave of main roster women will muster in support of "Diva"... well, you know what I'm going to say.

Check out the whole interview on FanSided for some thoughts from Bayley about making the transition from the indies and her mixed feelings about leaving NXT for Raw & SmackDown.

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