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Dean Ambrose vs. Triple H sets a date, and the next WWE Network live special gets a new name

It was where most observers figured the title match between Triple H and Dean Ambrose, set-up on the Feb. 29 edition of Raw, would take place. But that was when we thought the WWE Network live special from Toronto was called March to WrestleMania.

Now, it's named after the G.I. Joe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson played in the last movie, so the WWE World Heavyweight championship contest between the Game and the Lunatic Fringe just got 100-times cooler, right?

Ambrose vs. Haitch is the only bout announced for next Saturday, Mar. 12's Roadblock event (starting at 8PM Eastern), but we do know that Chris Jericho and tag champs the New Day (part of the feud for those belts which will continue on next week's Raw - now the 'go home' live broadcast for Roadblock) and Brock Lesnar will also be there.

Speculation had centered on Lesnar vs. Luke Harper, back when Bray Wyatt was pencilled in for the Beast at WrestleMania. That hasn't been officially announced by the company, so it's unclear if it's still on the card. With Brock being in the same building as his new Mania dance partner Ambrose, all eyes will be looking to see if Paul Heyman's guy gets involved in the main event.

Then there's the question of whether or not his is when Roman Reigns will return to begin his quest to repay Trips for the beating which, in kayfabe, put him in the hospital.

All curiosities WWE believes you'll pay $9.99 to see addressed on Mar. 12.

Will you?

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