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Lana and Brie Bella start a strange feud on Raw

We wondered what Brie Bella would be doing with the rest of her time in WWE after she failed to win the Divas title from Charlotte at Fastlane. We got our answer on Monday Night Raw last night (Feb. 29, 2016) in Nashville when Lana -- yes, Lana -- interrupted an interview:

"You're beloved by so many but you always manage to -- what's that American phrase -- bite the big one. Americans don't understand what it means to be a true woman. I have a figure; you're skin and bones. I have a brute as a partner; you have a tiny little goat man. Your husband can't provide for you. My man gets me everything I want. They love you because they pity you, because you, like your marriage, are doomed to fail."

Brie fired back:

"Wow. Lana, when the day comes that you actually step in the ring then we can talk. But until then go back to your cave and tell your neanderthal fiance I loved him as a bear in the movie The Revenant. Although, you really do need to shave his back."

Later, after Naomi defeated Brie in a match with some assistance from Tamina, Lana came out to gloat.

Naturally, they took it to Twitter after the show was over.

Even Rusev got into it:

Where could this possibly be going? Is Lana actually going to work her first match in a WWE ring against Brie Bella before the Total Divas star retires to start a family with Daniel Bryan? His retirement makes obvious the fact that Rusev is only going to be used as ammunition in verbal exchanges, so this must be leading to a match between the ladies, right? And could it possibly take place at WrestleMania 32?

Stay tuned.

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