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Dean Ambrose gets a WWE title shot, and a beating, from Triple H

With the guy penciled in to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania at home recovering from nasal surgery, WWE opened the Feb. 29 edition of Raw with the champ's monologue being interrupted by Roman Reigns' "brother", Dean Ambrose.

The Lunatic Fringe is already booked into his own top slot on the Mania card - in a Street Fight against Brock Lesnar. But seeing as how Ambrose was the last man Trips beat at Royal Rumble when he began his 14th World title reign, and given that he's actually very popular with live crowds, WWE sent him out there to fill time while Reigns' recuperates and hopefully get some boos for the Game.

And, as those of us who've been watching wrestling for any amount of time can surmise, to help Roman earn an approving roar of the crowd when he returns to stand by Dean's side (or prevent his demise).

So far, it's succeeded in affirming Ambrose as a Superstar crowds want to cheer on his way to a WWE title. Nashville did that through both of his segments tonight: when he cut Trips off to ask for a title shot before April 3 and when he smart-assed his way through the asskicking the champ gave him while telling him he would get that match.

What we don't know is when that bout will take place, but most online speculation puts it in Toronto for the Network-exclusive March to WrestleMania special next Saturday, March 12. Triple H is booked for the event and rumors put the show as his first title defense, and likely only one between know and the Show of Shows.

We'll keep you posted on the details. In the meantime, what do you think about Dean's latest championship opportunity? Will it get heat on the Cerebral Assassin, or a pop for the Big Dog?

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