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Double pin means Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch face-off again on SmackDown to determine #1 contender for WrestleMania

One of the bouts fans were most excited for heading into tonight's Raw was a rematch of a great NXT Women's title match. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch teamed up for Fastlane, but both had their eyes on the Divas title held by Charlotte before they joined forces to take care of The Boss' old faction mates - so neither complained when they were booked in a contest to determine the #1 contender.

The ladies got the second spot on the show, and wrapped a ten minute match around a commercial break.

What they didn't get was an answer regarding who will face the Nature Girl on April 3.

Retreading a finish their old brand just used a couple of weeks, a Sunset Flip by Sasha pinned Becky... but also somehow incapicitated her, resulting in a double pin.

It was revealed in a backstage segment later on in the show that they'll try again this Thursday on SmackDown.

Rumors have pointed to plans for a Triple Threat where both women will advance for a shot at Charlotte at Mania, and the booking tonight did nothing to dispell them.

We should get an answer on Thursday (or tomorrow night, for the non-spoiler averse).

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