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That smile, though

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There are too many ways to break down Daniel Bryan's retirement speech from Raw last night (Feb. 8, 2016) in Seattle, too many angles to analyze. He gave a beautiful, heartfelt speech that could be the greatest of all the retirement speeches we've seen on Raw over the years.

Because of course. There goes Bryan, being the best again.

There is a moment, however, that is absolutely worth looking at over and over again. After climbing in the ring and leading a "YES" chant like he always did, Bryan made his way to the middle of the ring where he would officially concede defeat to the punishment his body had taken over the years. Before all that, though, he closed his eyes, tilted his head down, and allowed the electricity of the crowd to pulsate through his body. All the love and appreciation of every person in that building sucked up into his being and you can see the moment it overwhelmed him so much his involuntary reaction was the purest joy you'll ever see (GIF via Wrestling With Text):

That smile, though.