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Daniel Bryan and his family prepare for his retirement speech backstage

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A great little peek into the mood within the Bryan clan prior to his emotional night.

Daniel Bryan left every WWE fan an emotional wreck after his retirement announcement on Monday night's episode of RAW. Thanks to, we get a look backstage before he went out, where he spent time with his family (including impending step-father-in-law John Laurinaitis).

We got a few glimpses of Bryan having come to terms with his future as a non-wrestler during his endlessly endearing main event speech, but these lighthearted moments might help make us believe that he's going to be okay.

Later, cameras also caught Bryan and Brie Bella making the long walk to Gorilla Position.

Wherever life takes him from here, at least he has the support of his loved ones, which is all he really needs.

Who am I kidding? I'm projecting. Bryan is going to be just fine. It's us fans who need to see him being okay with his retirement.