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Watch Chris Jericho, Becky Lynch and more WWE stars share their thoughts on Daniel Bryan's retirement

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Like all of us, Daniel Bryan's co-workers are struggling to come up with words to describe how we feel about the fact that he'll likely never wrestle again as a result of damage already done to his body and medical concerns over what more in-ring performances could do to his future.

Geno shared his wife's thoughts in a separate post, but here's a playlist of other Superstars and Divas the WWE cameras caught up to in the parking lot outside Key Arena, where Bryan will tell us more about his decision - and possibly his future - tonight (Feb. 8, 2016).

A few of common themes come up for these wrestlers, as they do for fans. (1) He was one of the absolute best to ever lace up the boots. (2) He paved the way for a new kind of WWE performer. (3) He will be missed.

Here's the folks you'll see offer their brief reflections on today's news:

- Chris Jericho
- The Miz
- Dolph Ziggler
- Becky Lynch
- Charlotte

UPDATED! with videos featuring:

- The New Day
- Cody Rhodes
- Renee Young
- Darren Young
- Paige & Alicia Fox