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Brie Bella on Daniel Bryan retirement: 'He and I soon want to start a family'

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"Gosh, it's going to be emotional. It's really hard and I think the biggest thing is seeing your husband's dreams kind of come to an end. I just like at his long career, not only at WWE but what he did on the independents, and you just see this little boy whose dreams came true and now they're being taken away from him. But Bryan is just so positive and so humble and so grateful that he looks at, you know, he has his health. He was able to walk away from the ring and he and I soon want to start a family. So we have a great new chapter coming our way but today is hard. It's really emotional for me, as much as it is for him."

WWE caught up with Brie Bella ahead of Daniel Bryan's pending retirement announcement on Monday Night Raw later on this evening in Seattle and, not surprisingly, she's having a tough go of it. That said, this means they'll be able to settle down and start a family soon, which is just what she's long said she wanted. All the best to the happy couple in the future.

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A new journey awaits us and for the rest of our lives we'll talk about this one. You have given so much hope and inspiration to people all over. We haven't lost you, just get to see you in a different light. #thankyoudanielbryan #mystrength #mylove