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Daniel Bryan will be Jonathan Coachman's guest on ESPN SportsCenter

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First, we'll get some explanation from Daniel Bryan concerning his just announced retirement on the Monday, February 8 WWE Raw from Seattle.

Tomorrow, he'll be the spotlight guest on ESPN's weekly SportsCenter feature on the sports entertainment company.

Without additional information, it's hard to make much of the news that Bryan will chat with Jonathan Coachman tomorrow night.

That said, it's hard to come up with a read of this that isn't a legitimate "retirement tour". The SportsCenter spots aren't full-blown shoot or kayfabe, but they're an unlikely place to promote that a wrestler who's been plagued by spine and head trauma issues will continue wrestling.

We'll know more tonight when he addresses the WWE Universe on USA Network. Then we can do more speculating about this interview, and his next steps in or out of WWE.