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Let's over-analyze Daniel Bryan's new haircut and Tide commercial!

UpdateWe know why he's coming now and it's really sad.

It looks like our boy D-Bry will be making an appearance on Raw tonight. But, to do what?

Will the WWE Grand Slam titleist (having won the WWE, World Heavyweight, United States, Intercontinental and tag team championships in his career) be announcing a return to the ring in time for WrestleMania 32?

Or could the man who hasn't wrestled since last Spring due to concussions be hanging up his Bruiser Brody-tribute boots, at least for the company whose doctors won't clear him due to his head trauma history?

I have no idea, and most likely, neither do you. But that won't stop any of us from speculating. So let's look at a couple of things from the weekend that can be over-analyzed and used as evidence in entirely unsubstantiated cases (aka being a wrestling fan on the internet).

YES! He's coming back

It may not have aired during the game itself, like another superstar who's on the outs from his promotion, but would Tide really produce an advertisement like this if the man featured was about to retire?

Even after everything I've done, people are still telling me NO. It's my job to change their answer to... #SmallButPowerful Tide #ad

Posted by Daniel Bryan on Sunday, February 7, 2016
NO! He's committing to being a supporting character on Total Divas

An instant visual cue that what you're watching on WWE Network is from Bryan's amazing, fan-driven rise from secondary champ (and, yes, the WHC during the belt split era was a secondary title) to Mania main eventer is his grooming. Long-flowing locks and barely manicured beard became as synonymous with the character as the affirmative and negative chants.

So what are we to make of this return to a Mr. Money in the Bank-era look on the eve of a (rumored) Raw appearance?

The beard has been manicured, but it's still there. And let's be honest, the long hair was getting ridiculous.

So I choose to not read too much into the haircut, but instead over-analyze the Instagram account it comes from. Dr. Yuan is a practitioner of the active release therapy which Bryan credits for helping him overcome arm weakness following his spinal surgery. Maybe they've come up with a treatment for CTE?

That, of course, would be ridiculous. But that's where we are with the saga of Daniel Bryan.

Will we learn what his next steps in wrestling are tonight? Only one way to find out...