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Batista is still angry about WWE suspending Titus O'Neil

The conversation in pro wrestling has moved on from Titus O'Neil's suspension-inducing interaction with Vince McMahon on the Raw stage two weeks ago. And given the speed of the news cycle in 2016, it's not surprising (and probably something WWE was counting on in waiting out the controversy).

One guy who's not letting it go, at least when asked about it by TMZ Sports while signing autographs in an airport, is Dave Bautista. The Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy star thinks his friend got screwed by Vince, and he's not shy about letting folks know it.

After stating his opinion that there will never be a union in WWE because "wrestlers are too expendable", the Animal goes in on his former boss:

He [O'Neil] got shafted. That's bull****. That should have been a man-to-man conversation, not a suspension.

He was being playful with Vince, which we all are, because Vince is a very physical, playful guy. You know, granted, even if it was at the wrong time, again... it's a one-on-one conversation... all of sudden, don't turn into somebody's boss because you didn't like the way they touched you.

So, not only did he **** him with the suspension and the fine, but he just double ****ed him by taking WrestleMania away from him. That's why I said "just leave, man." It's bull****.

I think he should leave. I think that's one dude that doesn't have to be there, he's there cause he loves it. He could make more money doing a million other things... Titus is a talented dude, educated dude... he doesn't need to be there, he's there cause he loves it.

Is this issue over and done for you, Cagesiders?

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