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Report: Brock Lesnar to face Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania

WWE dashed the hopes of a couple sets of fans at Fastlane.

In the main event, going the predictable route with Roman Reigns disappointed many who'd invested in Dean Ambrose's story. Earlier in the night, the decision to put Kane, Big Show & Ryback over the Wyatt Family confounded most of the WWE Universe who'd bellieved Bray Wyatt was being (re)built for a big match at WrestleMania.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, those two booking moves are related.

As most viewers had guessed, the plan coming out of Royal Rumble was to build toward Wyatt  vs. Brock Lesnar in North Texas. That story would have included the Family interfering in Fastlane's main event.

Meltzer says those plans were changed over the weekend, when WWE decided that Lesnar's Mania opponent will be Dean Ambrose.

If true, it should be seen as a credit to Ambrose. Officials obviously liked how he performed in the spotlight while building to Fastlane - enough to give him a chance to finish that story. Of course, it seems unlikely he'd go over Lesnar, but there are lots of ways to pay off the "unstable underdog stands up to the unstoppable force of nature" tale they've been telling. And facing the Beast Incarnate on the Grandest Stage of Them All is second only to a match with Undertaker in terms of esteem, so it's not something the powers-that-be give to a performer of whom they don't think highly.

Where this leaves Wyatt is anyone's guess. At this point, you have to imagine WWE is happy with him an upper mid-card guy whose entrance pops crowd and moves merchandise. There's no clear narrative path for him to WrestleMania, unless he and his crew continues their porgram with "the titans" who defeated him last night.

Follow the buzzards, indeed.

Does the prospect of Ambrose vs. Lesnar excite you? Make you feel any better about Fastlane's booking>