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Vince McMahon apparently wants Undertaker vs. Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 32

Over the past week or so, there's been a ton of back-and-forth in the wrestling media over whether or not it was actually reported, starting with Bryan Alvarez of F4W, that Undertaker vs. Braun Strowman is the plan for WrestleMania 32. First, it was, then it wasn't, then it never was in the first place, but now it is.

Yes, on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Alvarez "officially" reported that Vince McMahon wants to book that match for that show.

Here's the thing: No matter the circumstances of the reporting behind the idea, the idea itself absolutely sucks. It is a throwback to days gone by, where Undertaker worked a match at WrestleMania 9 against Giant Gonzalez, a match that ended via disqualification when Gonzalez used a rag soaked with chloroform to knock "The Deadman" out.

That was during a time when Undertaker's character was taken literally, or at least played as such. That isn't the case in 2016 and while Strowman is physically impressive, no doubt, that McMahon believes he can create excitement in a match like this is baffling.

Perhaps there's a certain freak show value to it, much like the pending Big Show vs. Strowman match, but how many fans are willing to buy into that in this era? It's also worth wondering how much value Undertaker has left at WrestleMania now that the streak has been broken, unless we're talking about a retirement match.

The reality may be that it doesn't matter. The WrestleMania brand is what sells, even if it was built, at least in part, on Undertaker's back. Maybe he can work with Strowman and 100,000 fans are still going to file into AT&T Stadium on April 3 in Arlington, Texas.

Horrible idea or not.

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