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Stephanie McMahon talks #GirlPower and #DivasRevolution on GMA

Amy Robach on Twitter

After getting bumped from its initially announced spot on the Monday edition of GMA, a spotlight on and interview with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon aired this morning, Feb. 2.

Check out the full segment here:

There's a lot to dissect here, but in general, this is a very good piece of propoganda for WWE that draws attention to something that gets lost in the wrestling community's debate about feminism and presentation of women - "boss' daughter" or no, it's important that Steph is in such a position of power in the company. There's a look at the issues which face most females in the workplace, such as balancing motherhood and career, and feeling like you need to work harder to justify a spot at the table.

Beyond that, McMahon and Amy Robach (who also interviewed Hulk Hogan after the Gawker tapes came out, and I guess is ABC's go to for westling interviews) chat while video plays. It's a greatest hits reel of things that we love and hate about the Billion Dollar Princess - mostly her "philanthropy is the future of marketing" strategy and a great but inconsistent character, usually because of the desire to break kayfabe when it makes her and Triple H look like innovators. That last bit is on display as her #DivasRevolution is glossed over like a thing that went exactly according to plan (Praise Be to Mrs. & Mr. Haitch).

One thing I learned from the piece is that WWE's audience is almost 50% female. It doesn't surprise me, but I hadn't heard it bluntly stated before. Even if the way there is filled with Ric Flair kisses and Rock/Lana promos, it's a statistic that gives me hope the company will get to better place in how it showcases and treats women performers and their characters.

Kind of like a Stephanie McMahon-lead WWE.

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