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Cesaro rules himself out for WrestleMania

If we couldn't tell by the bionic sling he was wearing during his appearances at last week's German live events, the wallpaper on Cesaro's cell phone tells the tale. One of the workhorse's self-motivation tricks is to set his screen saver to the next WrestleMania he'll work. Usually he does it immediately after wrestling at the last one, but the King of Swing is going to have to download the logo for 2017's Mania 33.

That's because in an upcoming interview with Esquire Middle East, the Swiss Superman revealed his rehabilitation from the rotater cuff injury he sustained to his left shoulder in 2015 will not be complete by April 2016, and he is ruled out for WrestleMania 32.

Based on Esquire's calculations, Cesaro is on the road nine full months of the year for WWE and with 190 matches under his belt at the time his injury was diagnosed, was well on his way to breaking his personal record -  set in 2014 when he wrestled 220 times.

So while it's a bummer he won't be in the ring at AT&T Stadium on April 3, he can probably use the time off.

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